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Appolo Group supports your business, whether it is small or mid-scale, by bringing together business community which needs flexible legal services and seasoned legal consultants who desire to work in a modern way.

General business & corporate matters

Regardless of the type of business, we provide our clients with smooth and professional consulting on the company establishment and the corporate changes at the competent court of registry. We’ve worked with companies with an international ownership structure, thus cross-border changes in the company is a common practice for us. Below are the examples of services we provide:

company establishment

drafting and reviewing the existing contracts and documents

amendment of articles of associations of registered companies

drafting the articles of associations

drafting and reviewing joint venture agreements

consulting on bankruptcy proceedings

consulting on voluntary dissolution and liquidation proceedings

Contract review & creation

With Appolo Group, you can make use of our experts’ valuable experience drafting and reviewing a number of various contracts that will be used within a company or contracts that engage external parties. We’ll check whether your contract is clear and distinct, meets the needs of your business, and reflects your key rights and obligations. Our experts also make sure that your contract complies with the current law and regulations.

Business and succession

Your business and family are both vital aspects of your life and it’s crucial to ensure that both are properly cared for. At Appolo Group, we understand the need to plan ahead and cover all issues of passing on ownership or assets to your family or other beneficiaries. Our experienced specialists work across disciplines and put particular emphasis on personalized solutions and approaches that fully reflect individual preferences with regard to company succession.

Litigation & conflict resolution

Disputes are a drain on your resources that can also be stressful and risky. When alternative options aren’t available or fail to succeed, our experts will guide you through a business related litigation. We offer our clients professional guidance and reassurance in dispute situations and conflict resolution. We’ve created an effective and efficient approach to assess financial implications of the dispute in order to achieve successful outcome.


Employee related legal issues are often among the most frequently asked matters facing companies. At Appolo Group, we are committed to ensuring your business’ safety by helping create or review your employee handbook to ensure protection from potential litigation. Our consultants will draw up an appropriate training policy and procedures for employees. We can ensure that any potential issue that arise during firing and hiring will be properly covered, and you compensations structure is well thought out.

Industries we’ve
worked with

We understand the importance of industries our clients operate in, and tailor our legal services according to the issues faced by different sectors. Our experts leverage their expertise not only to recognize current issues faced by the business, but also future changes that could have an impact on a particular sector.




Financial services


Transport & Logistics


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Getting my business set up has been very busy. I’m just very thankful to my consultant from Appolo Group for the help on the contracts. She made it all much easier for me, and I appreciate it.

Connor Jones

My consultant was very professional and responsive to my requests. After the contract review and discussion, I had a clear picture of what I needed to do. I am very pleased with overall experience provided by Appolo Group.

Paul McGuire

I’m very pleased with the updated document, which is just what I wanted, so many thanks. I’ll certainly use your services again in the future and let others know what a great service you provide.

Andrea Mumfold

Thanks for all your help. I felt well consulted and supported by you. Your advice is provided in an easy to understand and efficient manner, and I will come back to you for future enquiries around legal matters.

Louise Mcnamara